Electrical installation

We take over planning, implementation and documentation of your electrical project. Reliable, efficient and on time.
Our experience of almost 2 decades makes us the perfect partner at your side.
We are practical planners not screen theorists, we help you select and procure the right equipment, we implement and we also support you with words and deeds in the aftermath of the project.

This is how we work.

Regularly trained, certified and further developed,
we integrate our customers 100 percent in the complete process of the project. We do not just ask what is desired today, but look with you into the future.

Not all electricity is the same.

We specialize in data cables (CAT), low voltage installations, industrial and commercial work machines from 230-400 V and installations with a work load of up to one kilovolt.



The planning phase is the most important building block in the project. This is where your customer requirements meet our experience.

1. Question: Where is your project to be implemented, what is the size of the property and what is the inventory like?

Perhaps you have had your property measured, have a floor plan or can even provide us with AutoCAD data. If you do not have these BIM-compliant data, we offer to have your object professionally measured by us.

By means of 3D laser scans, we provide precise measurement data of floor, wall and ceiling surfaces as well as area scans. We offer all data for further processing in CAD programs. In other words, we use this data to create the basis for your project: a floor plan.


2. Question: Which consumers/supplies are needed?

Here we are in close contact with you. After all, the exact type designation, key figures for consumption and protection, and finally the number of consumers are the basis of every calculation.
In addition, we will be happy to advise you on matters that you may not even have considered, such as escape, rescue and emergency lighting or lighting calculations for workplaces.

From here on, the plan is drawn up.



When selecting materials, we look for the most efficient combination of costs, benefits, personnel and delivery times for you. We plan ahead so that your business remains scalable in the future.

Of course, you also benefit from our long-standing contacts in the wholesale trade, so that the implementation of your project is not faced with missing components.


The somewhat rougher part of the project. For the professional removal of the cable routes we do the following steps for you:

Depending on whether or where your project is implemented “surface-mounted or flush-mounted”, we offer slotting, mortising and milling work, which ensures that everything simply disappears into the wall. We also do core drilling up to 250mm through walls and ceilings.

In passages where this is not desired, we build cable trays and rail systems on any kind of walls, ceilings or overhanging platforms.

The associated cable ducts are of course routed from A to B with the correct logic and in the shortest and most efficient way.

Of course, we will also build you a new control cabinet.

We prepare your installation so that all consumers can communicate with each other. Ensure clarity, check our work and prepare everything for a smooth post-installation.


For all our theory, we are first and foremost practitioners. We are on site from the very beginning and flexibly take on tasks that may only be requested by you during the project.

We accompany the construction site until the end with a contact person in the respective national language, so that there can be no misunderstandings.


You could say the wedding of the project. All consumers are installed, connected, measured and tested.
In other words, the entire system is subjected to a performance test. The performance data are recorded.


We control your project down to the smallest detail. We fully check, create protocols, provide data sheets and detailed plans on consumers, cable routes and circuit diagrams.

That's what our employees say.

"The best moment is when we flip the big switch and the customer's entire staff gives us a relieved "Aaaaaaaaaahh." Without us, it just stays dark."

Georgi Shterev

Electrical installation department


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We offer industrial floors with
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Reliable plant installation in the interaction of all trades.

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